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The SolteQ FreshWaterMill

SolteQ’s vision is a clean planet

The SolteQ solution for fresh water

Innovations for sustainable energies

Dit project wordt medegefinancierd door de Europese Unie, Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling, het Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland en de Provincie Fryslân.

Free Freshwater & Electricity

with one Windmill

Windmill from 15m up to 120m height
On and Off-grid operation possible
SolteQ customizes your System
for all requirements the right solutions
SolteQ’s innovations for clean energy and a clean Planet

100% without using the earths fossile reserves

Freshwater on islands or in desert

Customized Systems

for every requirement the right solution

SolteQ’s innovations for clean energy and a clean „Planet-Paradise“
Fresh water in rural regions


Fresh water in rural regions

The SolteQ Freshwatermill
delivers Fresh water and electricity
100% sustainable and at low cost prices
Windmill 15m to 120m height
Off-grid operation possible

Electricity from wind


Electric power 

The SolteQ Freshwatermill
delivers same time electricity

fresh water on islands

100% Clean Energy

To protect the environment

100% only by Wind Energy
100% sustainable
100% without fossile stuff
Total supply for Islands and waterless regions

The SolteQ Watermill 


100% sustainable
low cost price
fresh water from:
- sea water
- brackish water
- waste water

Driven by SolteQ-Hydro-Drive with >95% efficiency

Salt Water Desalination completely without fossile stuff
Amortisation in a short time


areas with need for fresh water with
- sufficient wind
- non-drinkable water as source
Such as
Tourist resorts
Coastal areas
Golf courses


50 m³/day – 1.000 m³/day (almost continuous)
0 – 2000 kW electricity (at higher wind speeds)
depending on wind conditions

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Tel.: +31 0653234443
Solteq Energy bv, Water Campus, Agora 4, 8934CJ, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands